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The general principle of selecting ion exchange resin is to choose the large exchange capacity, easy regeneration, and use of durable resin. Specifically:
(1) the exchange capacity is an important index for the performance of the ion exchange resin, and the more easily the more mass of the resin can adsorb, the more water consumption of a switching period is also greater. In general, weak acid or weak base resin than the resin of strong acid or alkali exchange capacity. In addition, in the same kind of resin, because of the different degree of crosslinking, the exchange capacity is also different. The resin exchange capacity of general crosslinking degree is large, and the exchange capacity of resin with large degree of crosslinking is small.. Therefore, when choosing the resin to pay attention.
(2) a resin is selected according to the nature of the ion in the original water. If you only need to remove the ion exchange adsorption of weak, you must use strong acid or alkaline resin.
(3) according to the water quality requirements to choose resin. If you only need part of the desalting system, can use strong acid cation resin and weakly basic anion exchange resin with the use of. For it must be completely de salt of pure water and ultrapure water system, the strongest adsorption of strong acid cation exchange resin and the aim of alkaline anion exchange resin, is hard to adsorb and remove the ions.
(4) a resin shall be chosen according to the ingredients of the impurities in the original water. Such as more organic substances in the original water, or removal of the radius of the ion, should choose the larger diameter of the resin. Try to choose high-strength porous resin.
(5) for the mixed bed resin, more is the combination of strong acid strong alkali resin. However, it is easy to take the mixed bed resin regeneration, therefore, the difference between the wet density of the two resins should be greater, and the general should be no less than 20% ~ 15%. In addition, it is also considered that the exchange rate of the mixed bed is relatively large, and the wear of the resin is more serious, so the wear resistant resin should be chosen..
(6) a resin shall be chosen according to the requirements of the brine process. Such as double chamber bed, selects the strong and weak of resin with the use of because of the weak resin can be regenerated easily, the demand for quality of regeneration agent is relatively low, can use strong regeneration of resin regeneration solution to regenerate weak resin. Thus, a low consumption of regeneration agent and water costs low.