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Recently, the national resin matrix composites industry technology innovation strategy alliance was held in Fushun. The alliance of the Liaoning beister composite material Co., Ltd. led the formation, director of the unit contains throughout the relevant enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions.
Resin matrix composite is a fiber reinforced material made of organic polymer, usually fiber, carbon fiber, aramid and other organic fiber. Resin based composite materials with high strength and hardness, good anti fatigue fracture performance, corrosion resistance, in aviation, automobile manufacturing, marine, electric power industry, civil military is widely used, instead of steel, saving resources and reducing costs is superior to the existing glass steel products. For example, the return capsule of the Shenzhou spacecraft, small to the streets of the small toad driving chamber and so are used by the resin matrix composites.
It is reported that the relevant will continue to national resin based composite materials industry technology innovation strategic alliance to be focus on guidance, nurturing and support, through the strategic alliance platform, do do greatly strong resin based composite materials industry.