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The results showed that the extract obtained by macroporous resin adsorption and separation process was small in volume, non hygroscopic, and easy to be made into various formulations with beautiful appearance, especially suitable for granules, colloidal agents and tablets, so that the crude, large and black preparations of traditional Chinese medicine were upgraded to modern preparations. As far as the macroporous resin technology itself is concerned, it is easy to operate, not very cumbersome and difficult. Moreover, the resin can be used repeatedly, and the cost is not very high, and the equipment is relatively simple. Moreover, this process can save a lot of energy consumption, auxiliary materials, packaging materials, storage, transportation and other costs. At present, macroporous resin adsorption technology is widely used in the production of Western medicine. In China, more and more enterprises explore the application of macroporous resin adsorption technology in the research and production of traditional Chinese medicine, such as Chengdu Di'ao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Yangzi River Pharmaceutical Group also uses this technology to produce Ginkgo biloba preparations. Western medicine manufacturers in Beijing are widely used. Tongrentang pharmaceutical factory is also trying it out. It can be seen that the application prospect of macroporous resin adsorption technology is very broad.