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Through pharmacodynamic test and clinical observation, it is proved that a set of mature technological process can not only ensure the efficacy, but also improve the efficacy after purification. However, there are many technical problems in the application, such as the selection of resin model. The specifications and quality requirements of resin itself play a decisive role in the purification effect and safety of traditional Chinese medicine extract. Different types of resin have different properties. In the process of purification and purification, we must select the pharmacodynamic experiment method related to the curative effect according to the needs of treating diseases. At the same time, we must track the effective chemical components of drugs to ensure that the effective components will not be lost and the efficacy will not be reduced in the process of purification and purification, The quality is stable and reliable. In order to ensure the quality of the drug, the best conditions should be selected first, such as the amount of resin, the maximum adsorption capacity, the speed of adsorption and elution, the height and diameter of resin column, the type and concentration of elution solution, etc.