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· Macroporous Adsorption Resin

YkDH-1 macroporous adsorption resin

1Product Introduction

betway sports betting|官方网站 macroporous resin is a kind of spherical and weak polar polymer adsorbent. The resin is a cross-linked polymer, which is different from the early hydrophobic adsorbent. It has hydrophilic groups in its skeleton structure. It is also different from the general ion exchange resin, which has only non ionized functional groups in its structure. Based on the unique processing method, it has a large specific surface and suitable aperture. The product is suitable for the extraction and separation of organic matter and the purification of nicotine.

2 Product Application

This product is suitable for extraction and separation of organic matter and purification of nicotine, etc., extraction of flavonoids, such as red clover flavonoids, hawthorn flavonoids, sea buckthorn flavonoids, jujube flavonoids, pueraria lobata total flavonoids, etc.