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Macroporous resin is an organic polymer which is insoluble in acids, alkalis and various organic solvents. The separation technology of macroporous resin is one of the new separation technologies developed in the late 1960s after the ion exchange resin. The pore size and specific surface area of macroporous resin are relatively large, and there are three-dimensional three-dimensional pore structure inside the resin. Because of its high physical and chemical stability, large specific surface area, large adsorption capacity, good selectivity, fast adsorption speed, mild desorption conditions, convenient regeneration, long use cycle, suitable for forming closed-circuit cycle, saving costs and many other advantages.

Macroporous adsorption resin is mainly made of styrene, а - methylstyrene, methyl methacrylate, propionitrile and other raw materials, adding a certain amount of porogen divinylbenzene. Most of them are spherical particles with diameters of 0.3-1.25 mm. They are generally divided into non-polar, weak polar and medium polar. They can be swelling in solvent and stable to dilute acid and alkali at room temperature. From the microstructure point of view, macroporous adsorption resin contains many reticular pore structures with micro spheres. The total surface area of the particles is large and has certain polar groups, which makes the macroporous resin have greater adsorption capacity; on the other hand, the pore size of these network pores has a certain range, which makes them have certain selectivity for compounds passing through the pore size according to their molecular weight. According to the principle of adsorption and molecular sieve, organic compounds can be separated by solvent elution on macroporous adsorption resin according to different adsorption capacity and molecular weight.